Simple and free, SOPlanning is an online project management software designed to improve visibility for your team

Optimize your time with a shared online planning. Manage your resources and your availabilities !

Who do what, on which project

SOPlanning is an online tool designed to efficiently plan projects and tasks from any browser or device.
Keys of SOPlanning : projects list, users list, tasks assigned crossing users and projects. Optionally, you can also book ressources (hardware, etc), or locations.

SOPlanning is used in many domains/activities : IT projects management, production plant, sickness and vacation management, hardware availabilities, booking system, etc.

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SOPlanning is easy to use. Getting started is fast for managers and collaborators

Compatible with all devices

Use your computer, mobile or tablet from your office or during your trip


See at a glance your workload, overload and available people accross your teams

Turnkey hosting

With Pro version, do not worry about installation and backup!

Work in confidence with the Pro version

Focus your energy on your projects, we take care of everything