A simple project / production planning tool

SO Planning is an open source online planning tool completely free, designed to easily plan projects / tasks online, in order to manage and define work for a whole team.
The goal is to offer an immediate view on "who do what, when, on which projet" in calendar mode.
Basically : a list of projects, a list of users, and tasks on each project.
The tool is easy to use, displaying sober and clear interfaces. It's a free online planning. See screenshots. Download SOPlanning.
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Some history

This tool is used since 7 years, as a web production manager, the printable version is often used for reporting / tracking.
The goal of this tool is to stay simple, aside heavy project management softwares. It's a reason why it's free of charge. It "only" allows to plan work for each person, and it does the trick. Feel free to report problems/questions, and which features could be usefull. Thanks to sourceforge for the project hosting Get SO Planning at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads
Unlike VPS, Dedicated or even Shared hosting platforms like iPage (review here), SourceForge is free, and specially designed as a code repository.


Thanks for their questions / feedbacks. Be the next...
Alexandre Vicq (Fr), Thierry Joly (Fr), Djipeg (Fr), Ugo Mattia (Ita), Alain Cornille (Fr), nrdbview (Fr), Siert Zijl, Lja Smeets.
Donators, thanks for their contribution : Didier Moret, Luca Santoro, Hans Rawe, Florent Paul.
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