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Manage planning for your projects and teams

SOPlanning is an online tool. It will help you to efficiently plan projects and tasks from any browser or device.

Assign work for each member of your teams, no matter what's your activity.
The goal is to have a clear and efficient display of who do what, when, on which project.
You can see informations based on horizontal calendar, with multiple display options.
Keys of SOPlanning : projects list, users list, tasks assigned crossing users and projects. As an option, you can also book ressources (hardware, etc), or locations.

SOPlanning is used in many domains/activities : IT projects management, production plant, sickness and vacation management, hardware availabilities, booking system, etc.

The tool is simple, interfaces are clear. Have a look to screenshots below, or test the online demo

It's also possible to customize the tool and fit to your specific needs in your company. In this case, contact us.

Unlike VPS, Dedicated or even Shared hosting platforms like iPage (review here), SourceForge is free, and specially designed as a code repository.

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Below some screenshots showing main screens, in order to manage your projects. Use the online demo if you want to test by yourself.

Planning view

Planning view

Planning view : tasks creation / modification / removal, display filters, PDF export / CSV / ICAL, Gantt, etc.

Task assignement

Task assignement

Task creation / modification : start/end date, duration, project, comment, link, etc.

Projects management

Projects management

Projects listing : groups, statuses, delivery date.

Users management

Users management

Users Creation / modification : attach to team, send notifications, specific rights management, etc.