This list is not exhaustive but reflects main features of SOPlanning.

  • online planning accessible from any browser : Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc
  • Project management : assign tasks to users for each project. Adjust tool structure to your need (teams / groups of projects).
  • Project categories and colors for better visibility
  • Users management, with simple rights
  • Compact display in the planning : who work on what, for how many time
  • Monthly or daily display
  • Display by project or by user
  • Can plan for several days, one day, or only some hours/minutes
  • Can repeat tasks
  • Projects and tasks statuses : to do, in progress, done, abandoned
  • Milestones
  • Teams management
  • Project groups management for better sorting
  • Several filters available : by projects, users, statuses, full text search
  • Several sorting options
  • Summary at bottom of the planning, condensed view
  • Public holidays included for many countries
  • Printable version for the planning
  • Drag and drop for task moving
  • Export : PDF, CSV, Gantt, calendar
  • Templating system for customization (texts/translations/screens)
  • Available languages : english, french, italian, spanish, dutch, german, portuguese, hungarian, danish. Propose your translation !
  • Active Directory and LDAP login support
Test the online project management to make your own mind !

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