SOPlanning works on Linux and Windows. You just have to install on your computer/server PHP 5.2 or +, and Mysql 5.
That's all !
PHP installation exemple for Windows : Wampserver

Download SOPlanning v 1.39

Versions history

v1.39 (14/04/2017)
  • Big work on mobile/tablet version
  • New scrolls added on the planning, you can now fix display horizontaly and verticaly
  • You can now click on the planning header, it will display the planning based on the clicked day/week/month
  • Fixed several specific cases on task repeat
  • Added parameters to define column width in the planning
  • Added parameters to define cells/tasks width in the planning
  • Added many new themes with new colors
  • Added option to let/block guests creating tasks (only if guest access is activated)
  • Improve upgrade system, tackle some specific cases
  • Improve form fields when filling hours
  • Several libraries updated for security and browser compatibility
  • User identifier updated to 20 chars max (10 in the past)
  • Various bugfixes and small improvements coming from users feedback
v1.38 (28/10/2016)
  • XLS (excel) export added
  • new right added to user : show him only his assigned tasks, he will not see tasks assigned to other people
  • Big layout upgrade for better browser compatibility, and maintenance for the future
  • added theme option with customization. Only current SOPlanning for the moment, new themes will come later
  • added various user fields : address, phone, mobile, job, comment
  • Added feature for Logo upload in the application/homepage header
  • Summary below planning : display improved, and total time is now mixed (days and hours were separated in the past)
  • Translations updated
  • Some fixes on user rights
  • Various small bugfix
  • now possible to start task at 00:00 as start hour
v1.37 (27/06/2016)
  • 2 new optional modules : places and ressources. You can now assign a place and/or a ressource in task. The system will check you won't use the same place or ressource at the same time
  • Select multiple users when creating tasks : you can know copy the task to many people at the same time (2 maximum in the past)
  • New filter on teams added to users management module.
  • German translation updated (thanks to contributor)
  • Fix on PDF export when the cell content is larger than one page
  • Fixed some issues on repeated tasks
  • Many small improvments on interfaces and error messages
  • Several small issues fixed, reported by end users
  • Performances optimized on the planning, specially when many months displayed
  • Added Polish translation
  • Added task list to PDF export
v1.36 (12/01/2016)
  • Swiss public holidays updated
  • fixed list of projects displayed when using specific right
  • Added SMTP log to Email test (in parameters section) in order to have more details
  • Added "last login date" in user list
  • Added task information on rollover : creation date, last modification date, and who did it
  • display now days off in "planning view per day"
  • project list : added shortcut to display and filter the planning based on clicked project
  • user list : added shortcut to display and filter the planning based on clicked user
  • added new option for ICAL calendar : now possible to display all users or only you, and display all projects or only a specific list of projects
  • project : added "archived" status
  • new options/possibilities for task repetition (test it and you will like it !)
  • new user preferences (click on your profile name in the header) : choose default view
v1.35 (06/10/2015)
  • New fresh view : click on the "zoom" icon and display more detailed cells for tasks : user name, title, duration, day occupency
  • Added total hours assigned and occupency rate at bottom of the planning (if activitated)
  • Total hours (bottom of the planning) now well computed and displayed in the last right cell of the day
  • Now save horizontal and vertical scrolls position for each view (months and days). Refreshing, filtering or switching does not affect anymore planning viewing
  • backward / forward buttons are now sticked to dates selected, move for the same duration
  • Modification on a repeated task is now applied to all repetitions
  • You can now repeat task from every task, not only the original one, and you can repeat in the past (retroplanning)
  • Added buttons "Delete before / after" on repeated tasks
  • Drag and drop a task covering several days : start date is now relative, defined by the day you moved
  • Obsolete code deleted for better compatibility with last versions of PHP
  • Completed or abandoned projects : they are now hidden in the planning, unless one task is covering days displayed
  • Fulltext search upgraded, can now search on several words, will display all tasks concerned by one of the words
  • New design/features for date selection in the planning ! Check it out !
  • Added free custom field in the tasks, for your specific needs (import/export with your system, etc)
  • Improvement in ICAL compatibility (specific cases on Outlook and Google Calendar)
  • Added task creator information in notification email
  • Task link no longer displayed in the printable version
  • Added scrollbar on top for the planning (helpful when many lines)
  • Added sorting option "by delivery date" on projects page
  • Improved installation process and tests (libraries, rights, etc)
  • Filter on user now saved in cookie
  • Added TLS option to LDAP connection
  • when you click on a project line in the planning, now this project is selected in the task creation form
  • Changed session name in order to separate sessions on the same domain. Now you can install several SOPlanning on the same domain or locally
  • Deactivation of some deprecated PHP alerts
  • Some minors bugs and missing translations
  • Danish translation. Thanks to Peter Wollerup
  • Hungarian translation. Thanks to Péter Horváth
  • drag and drop fix for firefox 30
  • Various security issues, thanks to Huy-Ngoc Dau
  • Many small fixes coming for SOPlanning users, thanks to all
  • Active directory support (experimental)
  • new planning display : now possible to display per day with hour slots !
  • new funny tool to select project and user when creating task
  • fields order changed in task form, for a better experience
  • many small bug fixes due to the new layout
  • added sortable option in project list
  • drag and drop fixed
  • norwegian public holidays added, thanks to Kai
  • bug fix for gantt chart on recent PHP version
  • Design updates : thanks to Sebastien who reviewed all interfaces and applied the same design everywhere. Not a big visual impact, but more flexible and more compatible design !
  • Auto-installer/upgrade system added. No file modification needed anymore, the interface will help for initial setup or upgrade to a new version.
  • Session isolation : you can now install 2 SOPlanning instances on the same server, sessions will not be shared. You will be able to browse both instances.
  • Contact form for easier communication with support.
  • Planning options (date, months display, etc) are now kept in cookies and restored at your next login.
  • added an option in the planning to display the total time per day
  • Major update on DE translation (thanks to contributors).
  • full text search now search also on task title.
  • Added teams and project groups on the PDF export (only displayed in the planning previously).
  • left column on the planning : added link on objects (users or projects) to open directly the popup window.
  • Top menu now compatible with Mobile/tablet : click on the menus will open sub-menus.
  • Bug fix on project removal (specific rights).
  • Email notification when moving a task (drag and drop).
  • "Sort by" choice is now stored in cookie, to keep the same preference at next login.
  • Modified summary table below the planning : if the planning is displayed by user, now also displays the summary table grouped by user. Same thing for project. Till now, only display by project was available.
  • Added small features to send a test email with the setup done. Allow to test easily if it works.
  • Bug fixed on total time calculation (when more than 100 hours cumulated).
  • Fix on email sending, for task creation. New help text for SMTP setup.
  • Date calculation improved on recurring tasks : now escape days off AND go back to the original day for next weeks/months.
  • Update on planning menu, more "fluid" with smaller screens.
  • Bug fix on Firefox and IE : buttons didn't work in the planning (print, export, etc).
  • Bug fix on date picker, specific characters incorrectly displayed
  • Changed display of links in tasks, and add automatically http://
  • New feature to limit assignment to one task per user per day.
  • added task creator name on the planning. Displayed when mouse is over the task.
  • Added sorting option : can now sort the planning by name (project or user), id, team, group of project. If team or group, their name is also displayed as a separator in the planning.
  • Added new option to display planning header (months/days) every x lines.
  • Added milestone : can create a task as a milestone, displayed with specific icon in the planning. Also added to Gantt export.
  • Added task status : to do, in progress, done, abandoned. Done and abandoned tasks are displayed crossed.
  • Added also a filter in the planning to display only status selected.
  • Added repetition information in the email notification.
  • Dropdown added on title field when creating a task, in order to display existing titles for the same project.
  • Many Small fixes
  • Notification par email à la création/modification/suppression de tâche
  • Amélioration du listing des projets, affiche tous ou filtrés sur date
  • Possibilité d'envoyer un email à un nouvel utilisateur créé pour lui permettre de modifier son mot de passe
  • le planning est maintenant exactement basé sur un mois (1 mois et un jour auparavant)
  • La charge prévue sur le projet a été rajoutée dans le tableau récapitulatif en bas du planning
  • Seuls les projets actifs/à faire sont affichés dans la liste des projets lors de la création d'une tâche
  • Plusieurs failles XSS corrigées
  • Modification de sécurité sur plusieurs points
  • Rajout d'un nouveau droit utilisateur lui permettant de voir toutes les tâches/personnes de son équipe
  • Possibilité de fermer les fenêtres ouvertes (création de tâche, de projet, etc) avec la touche ESC
  • Added public holidays import module for several countries
  • new PDF calendar export (condensed view)
  • Minor fixes on new design
  • Some Security upgrades
  • New full layout !
  • Added portuguese and spanish languages
  • Added project color in the planning column, and today highlight.
  • new feature : added groups of users, with ability to filter planning on those groups
  • excluded days off and public holidays from the repetition feature
  • overlapping periods are now displayed perfectly : cells stay on the same line instead of being splitted
  • many small fixes
  • Bug fix on project creation for users with limited rights
  • added half day displayed differently in the planning
  • added task title : display in mouseover on the planning, and in Gantt export
  • added ICAL export (for calendar sync)
  • Minutes management in task duration
  • added days off management
  • small fixes
  • added "repeat task" feature : daily, weekly, monthly
  • fix on user self modification
  • Fix on drag and drop when planning is inverted (displayed by project)
  • Changed users rights for finer management
  • added color management for users => better view in planning when displayed by projects
  • some minor fixes coming from users
  • added Gantt export
  • added email field to user profile
  • added interface to allow user to change own email and password
  • added password recovery feature
  • added option to setup the SMTP parameters
  • added an url for the SOPlanning instance, for email links
  • added option to change SOPlanning name
  • replaced "notes" field in a task assigned by a multi-lines input field
  • replaced the old color picker
  • password are now crypted in the database (sha1)
  • fixed accent bug on PDF export
  • fixed display bug with "hide empty lines" feature
  • fixed when moving a task, the duration is conserved
  • fix on months and days translation
  • project identifier size extended to 10 cars
  • user identifier size extended to 10 cars
  • added text filter in the planning view
  • Check on read/write of important directories
  • Deported all variables in option page (now editable in SOPlanning interface)
  • add "hide empty line" feature in the planning
  • Bug fix on printable version
  • Bug fix on CSV export
  • Bug fix on drag n drop feature
  • Bug fix in database auto upgrade
  • New overall look and feel
  • PHP version check (>= 5.2)
  • Database auto-updater for new releases
  • Changed default line height in the planning (fits to assignment cells)
  • separate rights between admin and planers. admin : all rights (project management / users / planning modification). Planner : can create projects, modify/delete his own projects, assign tasks to his projects. No access to users management.Read only : no modification right, can only view planning.
  • paging added to the planning, to limit number of lines displayed
  • PDF export
  • planning view : move/copy option on drag and drop
  • code rewriting (date management review) => gain x10 in planning view
  • somes fixes on planning filters and version check
  • Fix on SQL import file
  • Code rewrite
  • Fix on version check (Chrome and display improved)
  • Minor fixes
  • added duplicate button for period
  • allow period copy on existing period (as for creation)
  • Added online version check
  • fixed language detection in firefox
  • fixed filter window positionning
  • Can now change filter display (number or users / projects per column)
  • Better refresh management (not after each window closing, etc)
  • Fixed filters on planning (position and filter kept when changing date)
  • fixed language management on dates for some platforms.
  • Many display improvements
  • Planning displayed now in a scrolling layer, without moving other menus
  • added options submenu for planning
  • Minor fixes
  • End date copied from start date when empty
  • http link added to period
  • in planning view, users ordered by name (no longer by user id) and tasks ordered by start date in the bottom projects table
  • fixed week display in specific case
  • groups of projects added to the planning filter
  • Add CSV Export functionnality
  • Repeat days in table every 10 users
  • Add ldap login support
  • Add NL translation

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